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About Candy

I am a newly retired Aerospace Engineer that is certfied in Melt Neurostrength, a Reiki Master, and a long time yoga practitioner. The MELT method began to change my life after taking a class in Fall 2014, when I experienced noticeable relief in my chronic pain of over 25 years. After taking a few classes and seeing how it impacted my life so profoundly, I signed up for the MELT hand and foot instructor training. My journey was only beginning as I continued to train and grow within the MELT community, it led me down a path of not only healing myself, but being able to share and help others do the same. MELT has not only allowed me to return to all the activities I love such as Yoga, SCUBA, Rock Climbing, and Hiking, but also what inspired me to leave my career of 19 yrs to pursue a life of healing. I am eager to share all that I know about the art of Self Healing. Whether you are looking to get out of pain, stay out of pain, or improve Performance...Let me take you to the Next Level!